Beginners guide for playing the Marvel Contest of champions game


If you are new to play the Marvel action fighting game then first you have to learn some basics things about the game and also the guide will ensure you the different kinds of the kicks that enemy butt as much as possible by his own. It is a mobile fighting game where you can hold, tap and swipe on the right and left sides of the device screens for performing the different movements and attacks. It seems to be as like bit complicate at first but if you are put some effort, time and follow the beginner’s guide of the contest of champions then your enemies will be crying to stay in no time. The following are the some of the beginner’s guide for playing the marvel contest game. They are.

·         Controls – As a first thing in marvel contest of champions you need to learn how to play the game. The right side of the device screen is for offensive and when you tap it then you can perform the light attack and when you swipe it then you will be performing medium attack or when you hold it, you can make heavy attack. The light attacks are the fastest attacks of all but the heavy and medium are the slowest one but they both are most powerful. In which the players can block the medium and light attacks but the heavy attacks are break blocks.

·         Understanding the champion’s class – The each character of the marvel contest of champion’s game has a specific class that is more or less ties into one of the super hero types in marvel comic’s universe. The some of the comics are science, mystic champions, tech, cosmic, tech and mutant where each has their own classes that are strong and weak against each other.

Other important guides for beginners

The other two important guides for the beginners is that getting the defensive in fights and taking the offensive where in the defensive you will be dealing with the jerks online blocking your friend and after using it so that your damage will be persists between fights on your quests. But it does not completely nullify your opponent’s damage but it can only reduce the damages. The player can also unlock parrying and dexterity in your mastery tree by purchasing the enough stoney cores where this will completely change the style of play and player wants to use the parries and evades for minimizing the stun and damage left by your opponent.

To evade you need to simply time your dodging correctly and get the dexterity and for parrying you have to block the right moment. The best offensive is the good defensive in which the Marvel Contest Of Champions Cheats will teach you that how you should make the proper attack on your opponent or enemy. As like other fighting and the action games the players can do the more damage if he is in the land combos where the combos are the just strings of the uninterrupted attacks which you can use and defeat your enemies or opponent member.