How to earn rewards with the help of appnana app?

We all live in an era where everything goes digital in this world. Today most of our work is done with the help of computer and some other hi-tech technology. Now we have some internet operated cars, television, mobile phones and so on. All the things being controlled by the internet it and you don’t want to bother about any work these days. The goggle and iOS platforms also present many apps which can help you to earn in the home alone without moving an inch in the world. The appnana is one application that can use can be used to earn rewards and prizes to get some extra income source in life. The app is based upon the point system, which is in the form nanas, and all these points can also be earned through by using appnana nana generator.

Where to start in the app

The first thing which you need to do is to download the app from any supported system. Means if you are using the android phone then go to Google play store to download app nana and from iOS platform if you are using the iPhone.

Then afterward, you need to login to the app by using your email or any other social networking I’d to log in or register to it. The points system of the app will give you 1000 nanas at the registration in the app.


The app offers you daily tasks to earn nanas, and you will need to complete all the responsibility to receive nanas every day. The tasks can be in the form of games and other things related to the app, complete all the functions in the given to get prizes. Apart from this, if you are not interested in performing tasks, then use just Appnana nana generator to gather more nanas without any much efforts.