How To Speed Up Your Progress In Hungry Shark Evolution

Ubisoft is a famous company for their unique games. You can find many games of Ubisoft studio through the Google play store or Apple App store. It also creates hungry Shark Evolution for free.  It is an arcade based game with a lot of missions and creatures. In the game, you can control the sharks by the powers and features. You have to work hard to make your shark stronger. A player improves their performance easily by taking help from the guides. It is important to know the controls first to be the best player.

Tips to earn the gems and diamonds          

Gems are the premium type of currency in the game, and it helps you to buy the special items easily. As compare with coins it is not easy to earn these gems, many of times you have to use the real money to buy it.  Hungry Shark World Cheats is also available to collect these gems and diamonds by playing.

  • Gemfish- You can earn the gems by hunting the gemfish in the game. It is not easy to do, but you have to work hard to be the best. Use the map and get the correct location of gemfish. You should unlock the special maps because by using these basic maps it is impossible to find the gemfish. It is beneficial for you to earn a lot of gems to make your performance better.
  • Daily rewards- The game gives you the opportunity to collect the useful items by completing the daily tasks.  It depends on your luck because there is always a chance to earn these gems.
  • Kill humans- You need to use the powers to jump higher and kill humans. Players have to attack the boats and put all the humans in the water. It is not an easy task, but you have to complete it by using the powers. These fishing boats can help you to collect more and more gems and diamond quickly.
  • Tasks- It is the important part of the game to participate in the tasks. You should try to do the tasks to increase your level fast, and after completing the level, game reward you of gems.

Every player should try to eat the crabs to make the bit of shark stronger. It is helpful for you to eat the giant crabs to get more power.